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Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues

Sunday blues.

It is a feeling that happens on a Sunday….every Sunday.

Johnny Cash painted it in his sullen voice, while singing “On a Sunday Morning Sidewalk….I’m wishing Lord that I was stoned, cause there’s something in a Sunday, that makes the body feel alone”.

Not sure if it meant drug usage or just wishing to be dead. Yet, we can agree that Sunday blues does happen. You’ve overcome your weekday work, and the weekend came with a bang only for you slump onto your couch on Sunday afternoon feeling a sense of melancholy.

“Did I do what I needed to do this week?”

“Gosh, I have meeting in the morning?”

“Shoot! Did I do groceries for the week ahead?”

As the questions swirl through our minds, we get deeper and deeper in the thought of “have we wasted or are we planning our lives well?”

Here are a few tips to combat those Sunday blues:

1) Keep Sunday free of last minute work.

Keeping your Sunday free from anything can be hard when we make commitments. However, schedule Sunday for time for yourself, your family and the ones important to you. Believe that Sunday is the first day of the week, so who or what are you committing to? You are committed to God, yourself, or family; keep them a priority. Change grocery day to Thursday night. Prep for your meeting, on a Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. If something comes up on Sunday, apologize and schedule it for another day. It can wait! We are humans and every sort of animal rests, why can’t you?

2) Have recuperation time

Spend time on your Sunday just relaxing. Everyone has their own version of relaxation. Mine is sleeping on the couch with a good book and getting up after it to have a cup of tea. Some are more extroverted and prefer a bike ride with friends or having lunch with their family. Order take-out or go to a restaurant instead of being in the kitchen. If you feel alone, call someone and hang out. Make Sunday a funday! Monday is going to come anyway so you might as well give time to you!

3) It’s all going to be okay.

On a quiet Sunday evening, remind yourself you will be okay. You made it through the week! You will overcome the next week! Take life day by day. You are after all, human. Give yourself credit for that!

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