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Ruebeline is a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who dabbles in the arts and hones her skills in painting, digital illustrations, printing and bookbinding. On occasions, she writes poetry to coincide with the her artwork to question the audience on society's thought processes. She has lived as far as "east is from the west" and has used these cultural parts to influence her artwork, tying the world in differing cords. The themes you would notice are jungles, fauna, flora and human identity in a global setting.


Her ideas on pre-futurism, resilience and identity is one to be noted in her works. She believes art is a platform for ideas and discussions and hopes her work raises ideas and thought processes to people from differing backgrounds to realise, "we are all human". 


2020, The Flag Project, "Lady Liberty: Tall, Stylish and True", The Rockefeller Center, NY USA

Follow her on Instagram: @ruebeliner

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