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Quarantine Burnouts

As I sit and wait for the beef curry (since lamb is in scarcity) to simmer and watch as Good Friday passes by, I am grateful for the little things.

Grateful for internet and social media connections.

The choices to shop online for that virtual baby shower.

The ability to train, study and craft even on an electronic platform.

We have definitely come so far.

But I also think with technology comes its strains.

I certainly have moments where social media is right in my face and I cannot escape the virtual meetings and classes.

Perhaps to go outside only to come back home to...there it laptop...

With its alarms and calendar invites.

I can't take it!

Then there is the polar viewpoint, that we are not doing enough within the four walls. We busy ourselves with projects that are never ending only to have a sense of burnout. That we are not sufficient enough.

But we are enough.

Breathing and knowing we're alive is enough.

Making sure the family gets by for the day is enough.

Giving a call to family is enough.

Stretching and excessing for the day is enough.

So don't push for the next gig, role and project if you do not see it in the horizon. The world is changing. And you cannot control the wind or the ocean.During a storm, you can only do the necessary.

So take time in the day to:

Cook your favourite meals.

Do some crafts outside of the internet world.

Learn something new or something you have always been curious about.

Do yoga or dance to that music you love.

Breath some fresh air outside.

The silent storm will pass eventually. You and I just need to find joy in it.

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