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Trapped within the Four Walls

While the world is in self isolation and quarantine, I was reading Acts 24 in the comforts of my home. With a cool breeze at the window and hot coffee. I can certainly say I was not like Paul, who was in jail for over two years. Yet I felt a connection. He was in a way, self quarantined because he was apparently “disturbing the peace” at the temple. His trial was delayed because he did not even think of paying a bribe to Felix who was overseeing the case. Paul had no control over the situation, even though he had told the truth of his whereabouts.

I wonder with the case of Covid-19, do we ever feel our life is out of control and out of our hands? Do we even question our life choices?

Sure, we did the rights things: paid the bills, stocked the kitchen, kept the family members inside. Yet while contained, we have no control over the situation at hand. While some have no control over their jobs, others have to be on the frontline of the virus situation and there are those who are not allowed to see loved ones.

It is a time of entrapment, isolation and no sense of control.

We humans, love to control matters in our lives. We want to be seen as the breadwinners, the ones to be loved and the ones who know exactly what we are doing. But at the moment, we are all humans; trapped in the containment of our four walls. Some days it feels we are close to doomsday.

But take heart, this too will pass.

Sure, ok. So why was Paul left in prison for two years? God could have set him free. Open the jail like He did before and set Paul free from the trial of life.

Instead, he was just left there for two years! Yes, friends could visit. But at a social distance and he was left in a quarantine like setting.

What do you do when you are left in a quarantine setting?

When you have no control over the situation and friends & family cannot help you?

What do you do?

For one thing, Paul wrote letters to His friends.

Keep in touch with your friends.

Encourage one another. We have social media now and are able to write to each other. Don’t think just because a person is silent means they are okay. People do suffer in silence. Once in a while, give them a hello message. Play online games. Video chat and show your love.

Maybe not as creepy as Lionel...

Sit down and write about your journey.

Since you have no-where to go like Paul, write about your life. Fill your diary. Express your anxiety over the leftover papers at home. My dad was bored at home, but he has the most amazing stories. I told him to write it down so that one day I will be able to share those stories with my own children. You story matters!

Love the ones in your quarantine

Yes, Jimmy is stuffing lucky charms up his nose. But one day when he’s 18, you can cherish that dumb moment while embarrassing him in front of his new girlfriend with that story. Your welcome.

But if you are alone…

Take a moment, to realize how special you are. Maybe take a whole day.

Sometimes, life keeps you alone because you are special container of glitter for someone. That should not be wasted on people who do not cherish it. Maybe you are not a Mardi Gras party but you are for that special moment with a few good people. I’d rather have a few good quality friends and family then a boat load of people who do not have time to love you.

Maybe, it’s time to realize your individual worth.

Re-evaluate, restock and restore

Take time to meditate, pray, worship.

Re-evaluate you closet (I mean literally and figuratively, spiritually and that overloaded closet with tons of clothes). Marie Kondo, self-doubt, distrust, procrastination. Or just folds those shirts.

Restock. What do you want to keep or add to your life container?

Restore. Any past hurts you need to let go of? Maybe this is a good time to patch things or Marie Kondo it away.

Respect you authority

Do we take the time to say thanks to our bosses? They make an effort to keep the company running. So in this time, make an effort to say thanks or just assist with the day to day essentials. While maintaining your safety. People are doing the best they can with this situation and so should you.

Though we can’t control the matters at hand. We can resolve the cases within. Yet also know we are human. We are vulnerable to things. As humans, we have a need to belong and be loved. If you have the means to assist, do it. But be kind to yourself, know your limits. It is also what makes you, you.

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