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Welcome to my Website!

Dear all,

I am so glad to be starting my new website! It has been years of pondering whether or not to start a website for my art, as well as my thoughts in the art world and culture.

But as many artists and entrepreneurs have said, the way forward is online. At least, that is what I think they have said. Anyway, I hope to keep posting as well as share further artworks in the coming months ahead.

These will include paintings, lino prints as well as book bindings. On occasions there will be some "ruepoetry" so *sigh*.

The Tiger of Sumatra

Also if you are on Instagram, follow me @ruebeliner

or click the instagram button below.

If there are any queries or any item that you are interested in purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact via the contact section. Hopefully in the months ahead we can move forward to digital prints or selling artworks via the website.



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